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5 Home Hack Busts that Don’t Work

The Internet is an incredibly rich storehouse full of strange and marvelous information. Now and then, the Internet even presents you with some nugget of practical advice that can actually help simplify your life. 

Of course, not all of that information is as trustworthy and reliable as it appears on the surface. Some life hacks are more trouble than not and don't save you any time or energy. Here are five popular life hack ...

Backyard Games for Day and Night

Yes, summer is effectively over, but there’s still plenty of warm weather ahead. Besides, whatever the season, there's fun to be had during family game day — or night — especially when you take it outdoors! 

Lawn Twister

Paint a “Twister board” right onto your lawn. Cut a 10-inch circle out of a pizza box or a poster board and use it for the template, then make the circles using four different colors of washable ...

5 Worry-Free Plants That Won’t Harm Your Pets

Keeping houseplants may be a responsibility, but it's one that comes with a whole host of benefits. Not only do some houseplants literally clean the air inside our homes, some of them can even help reduce stress. Houseplants also simply lively up any space and make it feel both more comfortable and beautiful.

However, if you have pets, you have to take care in choosing how you decorate your home with houseplants. Luckily, the ...

5 Ways to Make Extra Space on Your Kitchen Counters

No matter how big your kitchen is, you could probably use a little more counter space. Here are five ways to make the very most of what you already have.

Use Your Windowsill For Storage

A windowsill can be a veritable gold mine for creating extra usable space in your kitchen. Use it for everything from herb gardens and kitchen canisters to cookbooks and carafes. In other words, use it for just about anything that ...

Simple Tips for Staying Organized Around the House

Has this ever happened to you? You just KNOW you own a pair of nail clippers (or a replacement battery for your wristwatch... or a tube of superglue... or...) but you just can’t find it. So you go out and buy another one. Later, of course, the thing you were so frantically searching for pops up and now you have two of them to keep track of. Not to mention that you’re out ...