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Turn Castoffs into Treasures with Upcycling

Upcycling is a buzz word for repurposing. It’s when you take something no longer in use and give it new life as something different. Often, the finished product becomes something you love even more than the original. You can use a lot of different things in a lot of different ways — you’re only limited by your imagination. Best of all, it’s a great way to reuse materials and reduce your environmental footprint ...

Tips to Achieve a Green House

April is Earth Month, and there are a ton of little things you can do around the house to live greener. Easy things such as buying a houseplant, using a manual can opener, recycling, sharing magazines, emptying out your trunk to get better mileage in your car, turning off your computer when you’re finished working, canceling your newspaper subscription and reading it online instead, using rechargeable batteries, paying your bills and getting movie tickets ...

Family-Friendly Earth Day Activities

Giving back to the community is one of the greatest lessons we can teach our children, and what better cause is there than protecting the planet they will one day inherit? Earth Day is April 22, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy some environmentally friendly activities with your family.

Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Pick a spot that could use some sprucing up — a nearby park or school playground — and get to work. You ...

How to Repurpose Your Toilet Paper Rolls

April is Earth Month, and though you might not think so, even the smallest effort at being “green” can have an environmental impact. This includes repurposing your used toilet paper rolls. Here are a few fun ways to put those rolls to good use.

Cord Separators

Who knew?! Fold the cords inside the tubes and write the name of the device on the tube for easy identification. Add some decorative tape to help keep track ...

How to Safely Exercise with Your Dog

Exercise is good for you and your dog. Two birds, one stone. Plus, your dog (probably) loves to exercise, is always ready and eager to go, will never cancel on you at the last minute or let bad weather slow him down or complain — ever. Research shows that your dog is also the reason you are more likely to stick to an exercise program. The key is finding activities you both enjoy.

Getting Started

Step ...