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Easy Household Tasks to Do for Daylight Saving

Every year in March (where daylight saving applies), the clock springs forward one hour. And while most clocks change automatically, you’ll need to manually adjust wall clocks, clock radios, microwave and stove clocks, car radio clocks and wristwatches.

Besides signaling us to change our clocks, daylight saving can be a great reminder to take care of important household tasks such as changing smoke detector batteries and replacing air filters. Set a reminder on your ...

Spring Clean-out: Where to Donate Gently Used Items

Spring is around the corner, and you know what that means — spring cleaning can’t be far behind. As you clean out your closets, you’ll probably come across a few things you no longer use or want. If you’re wondering if anyone has a need for your gently used items, the answer is yes!

Clothing that’s clean and in good condition is always in demand, as are snow boots, winter coats, swimsuits ...

Stain Series: How to Get Ink Out of Anything

It’s easy to freak out after getting ink on your favorite shirt (or coat or piece of furniture). But there’s no need to panic; it’s actually pretty easy to get most stains out. Here’s everything you need to know to make ink stains disappear. 

Note: Before applying any of the solutions below, be sure to test an inconspicuous spot on whatever it is you’re treating to be sure there isn ...