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3 Staycation Ideas for Summer Vacation

Think a family getaway means going far away? Think again — these awesome ideas for vacationing close to home might just change your mind.

Visit a National Park

Our country's vast parks system is truly a national treasure. The beauty and serenity of our National Parks provide ideal places for your family to enjoy nature and spend some quality time together. With almost 60 unique destinations to choose from, you're sure to find something ...

No Regrets: How to Clean Wine Stains

The kids worked so hard on their homework, but when you were checking over it after their bedtime (and just before yours), you spilled some red wine on your favorite pajamas. No time for regrets! When it comes to wine stains, the quicker you take action, the better. So let's get right to it.

If at all possible, do not let the stain set. This longer the wine dries, the harder it becomes to ...

How to Keep Kids Entertained on Long Car Trips

There’s one vacation cliché that has stood the test of time. No matter the advances in technology or the age of your child, you’re going to hear it.

“Are we there yet?”

If you’re planning a long car trip this summer, your roadmap should include some games and activities to help your kids pass the time. Besides, what's that other old saying? Getting there is half the fun!

1) Activity countdown ...

5 Ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

With summer just around the corner, your spring cleaning efforts might be winding down. But we bet there’s one area you haven’t gotten to yet: your garbage disposal. While it usually goes unnoticed until something goes wrong (or gets especially smelly) there are a few simple ways you can keep your garbage disposal unit spic and span – not to mention working efficiently.

Soap and water

Sure, you're used to washing dishes in ...

Mother’s Day Activities for You

Moms, can we talk for a minute? Sure, we appreciate the handmade cards, the hug coupons and the valiant attempts at breakfast in bed we receive about this time every year. And, even though there's a big difference between bacon that's crisp and bacon that's charred, we love our children and husbands dearly for their efforts. But there's nothing wrong with treating yourself on Mother’s Day. After all, you’re ...