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Simple Tips for Staying Organized Around the House

Has this ever happened to you? You just KNOW you own a pair of nail clippers (or a replacement battery for your wristwatch... or a tube of superglue... or...) but you just can’t find it. So you go out and buy another one. Later, of course, the thing you were so frantically searching for pops up and now you have two of them to keep track of. Not to mention that you’re out ...

Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities on a Budget

You don’t have to break the bank this summer to keep your family entertained. We've rounded up some free (and almost free) fun things to do all season long.

Have Neighborhood Game Night

If you have fond memories of kick the can and four-square, get the neighbors together one evening every week for a little friendly competition. Parents can be the keepers of the rules and rotate as referees. Mix and match the ...

3 Ways to Ease Your Sunburn Pains

It's okay. It happens to everyone now and again. You fall asleep on your beach towel, or forget to reapply — or forget the sunscreen altogether. If you do end up with a sunburn, here are three ways you can ease the pain.

Cool Down

Take a cool — not cold — shower as soon as you get in from the pool or beach. It will take some of the sting out of your burn and wash ...

Tips for Cleaning Your Grill and Other Summer Accessories

Summer is grilling season. But before you set those burgers and hot dogs to sizzling, take a look and see if your grill needs cleaning. Your food will taste better and your grill will last longer if you clean it regularly. If not, your gas burners could become clogged and turn into a fire hazard. Even a traditional charcoal grill can suffer from a build-up of grease and other grime, which creates its own fire ...

5 Places You'll Need White Cloud Paper Towels This Summer

Sure, a kitchen isn't a kitchen without a roll of paper towels. But these indispensable, perforated wonders work just as well on the go. Here are five places you’ll want to have White Cloud Paper Towels by your side this summer. 


As you pack your picnic basket with paper plates, plastic cutlery and those trademark red cups, don’t forget to make some room for a roll or two of White Cloud ...