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Fun Easter Crafts and Recipes for the Kids

Looking for some fun food, crafts and games to enjoy with your little chickadees this holiday weekend? Here are a few to keep every “bunny” in your family happy!


Jellybean Carrots

These jellybean carrots are super cute and super easy to make. You’ll need plastic pastry bags, orange jellybeans and green rickrack or ribbon. Just fill plastic pastry bags 3/4 of the way full with orange jellybeans and tie the bag closed ...

The Benefits of Homemade Dog Food

There’s a revolution happening in the kitchen. People everywhere are standing up and fighting back when it comes to the unnatural and unhealthy artificial colors and flavors, chemicals, pesticides and preservatives that make their way into our food. So it’s only natural that this backlash would influence what we feed our pets, which are an extension of our family.

When it comes to commercial pet foods, one of the problems is that it ...

The Case for Starting Your Spring Cleaning Now

Not many people like the idea of cleaning, much less that intensive annual ritual known as spring cleaning. But with a little discipline and a few tips, you’ll be eating off the floors — or at least be able to see the floors.

Make a List

Make a list of what needs to be done in each room of the house and then prioritize. This will help you wrap your head around the task at ...

Checklist: Are You Ready for a Puppy?

Your kids are. They’ve probably wanted a dog since they learned to say the word. Need a little help in determining if you are? Here’s a checklist that includes things to consider before you adopt, how to prepare and where to look once you decide. Because once you walk into that animal shelter, it’s over. You’re going to fall in love!

Consider the commitment.

With proper care, the average dog can ...

How to Stay Active in the Winter

There are many reasons why you should stay active in winter. Sure, it’s cold out, but regular exercise improves your mood by reducing stress, depression and anxiety. It also boosts your immune system, burns calories and helps you stay in shape and live longer. But just how do you get in a workout when the weather outside is frightful? Let us count the ways.


Go for a walk at the mall ...