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Small Decor Changes to Make for Summer

The handoff of spring to summer is the perfect occasion to refresh your space. Little things such as plants and bright accent pillows and curtains make the house feel cool, inviting and summery.

Set a Colorful Table

Bright dishes and bold linens look festive and fun. If a new set of dishes isn’t in the budget, just replace dessert plates and serving platters with seasonal stand-ins.

Roll Up Heavy Area Rugs

Lose the thick ...

How to Teach Your Kids About Financial Responsibility

Involving children in household tasks at an early age can have a positive effect later in life. Research shows that children who do chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible and better able to deal with frustration and delayed gratification — traits that also contribute to greater success in school.

Doing chores is more than just an exchange of money for work. By helping out around the house, kids begin to see themselves as contributors to ...

How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

The hottest part of the year is almost upon us, but don’t wait until the mercury spikes to get your home ready. Start preparing now to save on energy costs and avoid expensive repairs. Below are our tips for how to summer-ize your home.


Tune Up Your A/C

Make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer with a professional tune-up. Once a year, have an A/C professional check for damage ...

Household Items You Shouldn’t Forget to Clean

Even if you pride yourself on being a neat freak and actually enjoy scrubbing your house from top to bottom, you may still be missing some critical spots. Add the chores below to your list, and try to tackle them at least every other week.


Major Appliances

We clean the surfaces, but what about underneath? Spills, dust and crumbs can collect under the stove and fridge. As long as you’re at ...

Six Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home, so all the more reason to spend the time and energy making yours one of your favorite rooms in the house. Need some inspiration? Here’s where the kitchen of the future is headed.


The trend in kitchen colors is moving toward soft, muted palettes. While white remains popular, less saturated tones such as grays, neutral pastels and tinted whites are quickly becoming the new alternative ...