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5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Simpler

Spring cleaning probably isn’t high on any mom's list of favorite things to do. But with a little ingenuity and a few shortcuts, you can make your spring cleaning more tolerable and less time-consuming. 

Go in Fully Prepared

Make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. Nothing kills your motivation to complete your chores faster than opening the cabinet only to discover you’re out of cleaning supplies. Stock up, or, if you make your own household cleaners, double-check that you have all the ingredients you need to mix them up.

Use Newspaper to Remove Bad Smells From the Fridge

Crumple up some newspaper, spritz it with water, and throw it in the fridge to cancel out any funky smells. Wet newspaper can actually deodorize pretty much any enclosed space — even stinky sneakers. 

Use Your Microwave to Clean Your Microwave

Actually, the power of steam is the secret ingredient here. Fill a microwave-safe dish with water. A drop or two of dishwashing liquid is optional, but it can help with spills and spatters that are particularly baked-in. Run your microwave on its highest setting for one minute. Then simply wipe down the interior of your oven with a sponge or rag. 

Use A Squeegee To Remove Hair From Carpet

If you keep pets, you know that a vacuum cleaner doesn’t always suck up every last bit of dander. Surprisingly, a squeegee’s soft rubber blade can pick up pet hair your vacuum might have missed. Just pull the squeegee across your carpet. The loose hairs will clump up, allowing you to quickly remove them by the pile rather than the strand. This same trick works on curtains and upholstery, too.

Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Shower Buildup

Soap scum can be tough to remove from your shower’s tile, fixtures and glass surfaces. But you don’t have to toss your used dryer sheets. They can be just what you need to wipe out stubborn soapy residue. Moisten a used dryer sheet with a bit of warm water. Combined with some elbow grease, you’ll wonder why you never thought of this trick before.

Use Grapefruit & Salt to Clean Bathtub Rings

One grapefruit and a quarter of a cup of coarse kosher salt are all you need to restore your tub to its original sparkle. Cover the top of a halved grapefruit with salt. Run enough water into your bathtub to wet it, and then let it drain. Sprinkle more salt across the bottom of the bathtub. Then scrub your tub with the salted grapefruit half, making sure that you occasionally squeeze out some grapefruit juice to keep the cleaning moving along. When you’re finished, not only will that unsightly ring have disappeared, but the fresh, sweet smell of grapefruit will also fill the entire bathroom.

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