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5 Home Hack Busts that Don’t Work

The Internet is an incredibly rich storehouse full of strange and marvelous information. Now and then, the Internet even presents you with some nugget of practical advice that can actually help simplify your life. 

Of course, not all of that information is as trustworthy and reliable as it appears on the surface. Some life hacks are more trouble than not and don't save you any time or energy. Here are five popular life hack fails you definitely don't want to bookmark.

Keep Batteries in the Fridge To Make Them Last Longer

As it turns out, the opposite is true. The temperature that keeps your milk from spoiling is too cold for alkaline batteries and can shorten their life span. And, because your fridge is a moist environment, condensation can be an issue, causing corrosion or seal damage. Batteries prefer low levels of humidity and good old room temperatures. So save the fridge for beauty products like eyeliner and cologne, both of which really will last longer if refrigerated.

Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches In A Toaster

It sounds like a great time-saver — just flip your toaster on its side and insert two buttered and cheese-topped slices of bread. But this is a bad idea in more ways than one. First, butter and cheese are fatty ingredients, meaning grease, meaning "fire hazard." Two, it’s ineffective. Not only will the final product not have the same crispy texture as a real grilled cheese sandwich, but the butter will dirty up the heating elements inside your toaster. And, three, you're turning your pop-up toaster into a hot cheese cannon. What a mess! If you want a real grilled cheese hack, look into using your waffle iron as a sandwich press.

A Wooden Spoon Will Stop a Pot From Boiling Over

Maybe you've seen video proving a wooden spoon laid across a boiling pot will prevent the water from slopping over the edge and onto the burner. But don't believe your eyes. No matter how carefully you balance that spoon, an unwatched pot will boil over. Your best bet is to slightly back off the heat as soon as you add your pasta or potatoes to boiling water. 

Make Pancake Shapes with a Ketchup Bottle

Anyone who has ever tried to clean out a ketchup bottle knows that this life hack is just not worth it. Never mind the fact that you then have to try and pour thick, gooey pancake batter into that bottle. (Where's that funnel?) Also, do you really want to breakfast on pancakes that taste vaguely of ketchup? Don't bother. For some real pancake magic, use a metal cookie cutter with an open top. Place it on the griddle and fill with batter, then remove it when it’s time to flip the pancake. It's just that easy.

A Penny in a Vase of Flowers Will Make Them Last Longer

This is only true if the penny was minted before 1981. Back then, pennies were made of real copper rather than zinc. Only the former metal helps prevent bacteria from flourishing in the water keeping your roses, daisies, etc. from fading too fast. To prolong the life of that bouquet, turn to the cupboard instead. A pinch of sugar plus a capful of apple cider vinegar will give your flowers a nutrient boost.

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