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5 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy During Spring Break

Just about every kid looks forward to spring break, but for parents, it can be a hectic time, whether you’re jetting off on vacay or having to fill up the week with kid-friendly activities. If you’re staying in town, here are five fun things you can do with your kids at home.

Throw a Party

This isn’t a formal event with a theme and mailed invitations; it’s just an impromptu gathering of neighborhood kids (and moms in your same boat). Throw a dance party using a playlist of your kids’ favorite songs. Clear a space in the middle of the living room and let the little ones cut a rug. Or make it a pool party. Break out the blow-up toys and some snacks and let them splash around to their hearts’ content. Or have a pajama party — kids love to spend the night with their friends and stay up a little later than normal. And remember, these are children. Their expectations are low. They don’t care about a messy kitchen; they’re just there to have fun.

Go On An Adventure

Plan a hike at a neighborhood park or lake and end with a picnic lunch. This will be especially fun for kids who’ve spent most of the winter indoors. Pack some healthy (and not so healthy) foods, a blanket, a wireless speaker to play their favorite jams and toys. Kids can run around and fly kites, play on the jungle gym and dig in the sand area.

Make Arts and Crafts

After a long, dull winter, get a jump on spring with an art project or two. You can decorate Easter eggs with your kids, make paper flowers, learn origami, make DIY play dough or fill up paper sack piñatas that kids can break open in the backyard.

Have Family Game Night

Start by planning a meal that everyone likes — you can’t go wrong with takeout or DIY pizzas. Then break out all the family’s favorite games. Let each person choose one and then you set a time limit per game. You could even make it a weeklong activity by turning it into a tournament. Play an allotted number of rounds of each game until there’s one winner. Figure out a silly trophy the victor can keep in their room until the next game night.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things for your kids to locate and set them free to find them all. There are some great free printables out there — just search “free scavenger hunt printable” and you’ll find scavenger hunts for the zoo, the beach, the outdoors, nighttime hunts and just about anything you can imagine. Have a few small prizes for when they finish, making it extra special. 

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